About Me and my Village Building Passion!

Hey there! I am Becky and I am one busy lady. Let me tell you why I started this blog.

I was frustrated and frankly lonely by this wonderful thing we call the information age! If you weren’t born into a highly social and big family that gathers regularly then you probably know what I am talking about.

Maybe you didn’t know it going through High School, College, or even at your first job because when your young you have time to seek out others. But man when you start having kids…..or don’t have kids and everyone gets SO BUSY! Boom…ISOLATION starts!!! We all now talk through text, messenger, hangout, snapchat, facebook, etc. People have stopped really connecting, gathering and helping each other. You know that old saying…..it takes a village. Well I am totally a believer it that, now that I am a stay at home Mom, here in America, in the information age.

What about you? So here I am trying to build a (bleeping) village to help each other live, love and thrive…instead of just survive!!

I do want to bring income in to our household as a stay at home mom. Something that doesn’t require a warehouse of inventory and shipping. I do want to contribute and partner with my husband financially, even though he doesn’t need it.

BUT MOSTLY I WANT TO CONNECT AUTHENTICALLY WITH LIFE AND PEOPLE. Yep….when I dug, really dug into that feeling of wanting more and something is missing, that was the crux of it. I want to connect with other women, share dreams, support each others goals and businesses, grieve each others losses, cheer each other on. Because in this new digital era….with all the online “connection,” it can get lonely and fakebook a little too much.

Children are amazing to watch. They are naturally authentic. While I teach them, they are also teaching me with there transparency.

Who am I? My name is Becky and I am 39, a mother of four kids all 5 yrs old and under. I am married, living in Florida, raising my kids from home and running a few side businesses for part time income. I am also a registered nurse with experience and an Army Veteran.

So what can you expect from this site?

  1. You can expect lots of typos (nervous but honest laugh here). I will be doing my writing on little to no sleep somedays after frying my brain trying to nurture and care for my brood of 4 kids, working with software I have no idea how to use.
  2. You can expect honest reviews and links to products I have either used and love… or sell and love! Everything will be something I feel makes your life better, easier, or more fun in some way.
  3. Finally, you can expect some funny, authentic, and raw stories of life past, present, and even future dreams. I mean everything from grief to shoe shopping and in between!

I hope you join me on this journey and become part of my village. Happy reading.

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