“Essential Oils – New Fad? or Old Faithful?” Health and Why you should be using them!

Essential oils are one of the fastest growing health supporting trends along with CBD oil. So what are they and why should you be using them?

Lavender Oil – (Lavandula angustifolia)† flowering top

#1. What are they?

What the heck is essential oils? Well, I am no scientist, so let me say in laymen’s terms they are the “blood” of the plant. It is the aromatic liquid of the plant with all the properties that allow it to defend and nourish itself. Each plant has its own chemical powerhouse mix. Ask any chemist and they will confirm this.

For example…Everyone knows about Lavender essential oil. It smells like whatever species of Lavender it was extracted from and has the properties of that plant as well. Another example used in tons of personal care products is Peppermint essential oil! Here is a great online page that answers alot more about them. Prefer a Video – Watch this quick 13 minute YouTube video for a little more info.

#2. Why essential oils?

Humans have used essential oils for thousands of years! Roman bath houses, Egyptian embalming, Chinese beauty treatments. These concentrated oils are powerhouses in a bottle. Each plant has different supportive health benefits.

Have you ever done any juicing? Why did you do it? Well because you wanted the concentrated benefits of those fruits and vegetables and juicing did that. You could try to eat all of those fruits and veggies but chances are you would become full by the time you got event half way through what you wanted. So you took 4 apples, 4 beets, 1 lemon, ginger root, and a couple oranges and put it all in one glass. Boom! Concentrated health benefits!

Think of essential oils like juicing except most of the time your applying it to your skin or inhaling the oils via a room diffuser. Some are safe for internal use and also great for cooking! Because they are so concentrated, essential oils are great for supporting different body systems and just making a more pleasant home environment!

#3. How do you use them?

Well you can use them 3 different ways:

  • Topical – Some oils like Lavender can be applied to the skin without *dilution. While others like peppermint need to be properly diluted in a carrier oil before applying to your skin. (*always dilute in carrier oil when applying to young children and pets)
  • Aromatic – Ever seen a Reed Diffuser or a Mist Diffuser? Well this is aromatic application. When you place the essential oil in something to allow it diffuse into the air around a room. You can also simply open the bottle, hold it under your nose and take a deep breath! Voila…you just used aromatic application!
  • Internal – I only recommend using Young Living Vitality Essential oils for internal use. This is the only company I trust to make PURE essential oils and their Vitality line of essential oils is FDA approved for consumption! So put a drop or 2 in your juice, coffee, or cook with them for MOLD FREE flavor and all the health benefits! (Dried herbs can become contaminated with mold)

#4. What oils do you recommend?

Premium Starter Kit

There is only 1 company I trust when it comes to Essential Oils: Young Living!

Don’t go CHEAP!! Too many things are at stake for the end product. Young Living is the best! They only use non contaminated farmland, hand weed, organic farming techniques, sustainably harvest the plants, support local and ethical employment of workers, and the list goes on and on and on! YOU TOTALLY GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!! Ready to jump in?

Here is my referral LINK to get the best essential oil starter kit in the WORLD!! Get the Premium Starter Kit with Desert Mist Diffuser and start on your wellness journey! By becoming a member instead of a retail customer you save 24% on everything and keep your membership active by buying $50 per year! That is it!! Super easy!

If you have trouble signing up please feel free to call Young Living Customer Service attel: 1-800-371-3515. They are seriously sweet and helpful. They will answer any questions you may have. I called them a ton first starting out and still do from time to time when I need assistance.

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