Essential Oils: What are you waiting for? Make the switch!

I can open a bottle of Tangerine Essential Oil and suddenly feel like I am driving through blooming Orange groves in Florida on a warm July day. Or….I can open a bottle of Northern Lights Black Spruce and feel like I am in the Arctic surrounded by the cool fragrant smell of fresh cut Christmas trees! I use essential oils for my perfumes and more!

Best thing….I never get the headaches and nausea that I used to get using perfumes or those scented candles! In my teens and twenties I could use perfumes and just occasionally have problems. As I got older, I noticed whenever I tried using any product that “smelled” amazing, I got a whopping headache sometimes with a side of nausea.

I starting looking into my symptoms and I found out that companies do not have to tell you what is making their products smell nice! The ingredient labeled “fragrance” or “perfume” is proprietary! Meaning they don’t have to tell you what is in it!! Often theses are synthetic chemicals that are not good for you!!

That is when I switched to Essential Oils! Looking back I wish I had done it sooner!! Not only do they smell AMAZING, but lots of studies on PubMed show they may even support your body in many ways to promote well being. I used to use “organic” ones from Amazon, Whole Foods, etc.

Then one day while chatting with a friend from High School about having trouble sleeping and my Lavender oil just not quite working….she suggested I try Young Living’s Lavender oil. “Who”, I said?

Long story short we managed to get me signed up as a member, a very confusing process, but I got my starter kit and for a whole year just used those oils. I was amazed at the quality difference. The Lavender was like nothing I have ever tried!! Amazing!!!!

I used up my oils and almost went “inactive” after not ordering for awhile. Then my health took another downturn……

I miscarried once…..then twice. Yep. Hard to write, but I was crushed. I grieved, reached out to others who had lost their babies. Many said they were told that it is “common” and could be just caused by a virus or other unknown. I couldn’t shake the feeling their was more to it.

Then I dug into more reading about toxic ingredients possibly hiding in my everyday products I used at home.

THEY WERE EVERYWHERE!!!! Okay now I was in a frenzy! Hormone disruptors, endocrine disruptors, carcinogens!! I was panicked!

Thankfully Young Living makes non-toxic alternatives so I immediately ordered the most critical replacements and then started looking up Homemade DIY recipes to cut cost but still made it with Young Living Oils.

I will never look back ladies!! I mean it. This has been the best health journey of my life!! I am currently using the Slique Assist program for weight loss and lost 12lbs easily…pre coronavirus quarantine! I also started using the Master Formula vitamins and my energy is through the roof!!!

Best decision I have made for my health and my families!!! Love this company.

Want to start your own health journey? Use my sign up link HERE I will be your sister and sponsor on your wellness journey! I will not leave you hanging. I take sponsoring very serious, since anything new requires guidance and support.

Contact me through email and Follow my public Facebook and Instagram for tips, education, and a peek into my life as busy mom of four!

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