Getting Inked…My Permanent Makeup Mistakes

Swollen the next day and too light for a blush effect to last

This is a mortifying post to put out here, but I am human and make mistakes. By sharing these mistakes I hope to help many others to avoid the same ones. So here we go…..

Ever watched someone on Instagram who says they are not wearing any makeup but their eyebrows and lips say otherwise? Well…they are probably telling the truth.

Permanent make up, “lip blush”, “powder brows”, whatever you want to call it, is a tattoo… on your face!

I was fascinated with this “new” idea of always looking put together, and immediately started scrolling social media hashtags. #lipblush #permanentmakeupartist #microblading

Turns out, it isn’t really new, it is just coming back into fashion due to better inks, equipment, and techniques.

Since I had just turned 40, and was totally into trying new the things I mentally thought I would be to “old” to do when 50…I immediately started to look around my town for a permanent makeup artist.

Yep I was game for having someone tattoo my FACE! Here follows my mistakes:

Mistake #1: impatience LOWERed MY STANDARDS

I got so excited thinking about all the ways this was going to go RIGHT and make my life easier…I just wanted it done as soon as possible. This sets you up to accept anyone you can find, and that is just what I did.


When getting ready to let someone tattoo your face…make sure you have seen LOTS of their previous work. Make sure it fits your expectations. If it is NOT…THEN RUN AWAY. Thank them for the consultation, be polite but firm and leave. Move on!!! Keep looking!!!

But of course this is not what I did, so lets move to the next mistake.

Mistake #3: I did Not know the full cost

When tattooing…. you are working on the skin with inks, some bleeding occurs, and some bruising….so getting the colors right for lips and eyebrows can be challenging when a new client and artist are working together for the first time. There is usually a full session followed by a touch up session or sessions to refine the result. So make sure you know the cost of the initial session and what the touch up sessions cost EACH. Also, approximately how many sessions you will need based on your desired result. I did not do this so paid way too much in my desperate insanity for the “lip blush” I saw on Instagram.

Mistake #4: I guided her, instead of her guiding me

This may be confusing at first. You should have choices right? Yes and no. Show your artist pictures of your desired outcome, but the artist is the one who is supposed to be EXPERIENCED. They are supposed to help you choose colors and explain exactly why they are good choices for you. If your artist goes back and forth seeming to leave the choice up to you ultimately…. this is not a good sign….run. I am not saying accept them saying purple is perfect for you even though you hate purple. I am saying they should tell you, based on what you communicate, the best color choices, and how they should work to bring you your expected outcome. Again, I ignored my gut….so onto the next mistake.

Mistake #5: Finally….I didn’t throw in the towel sooner

Okay so I made all those mistakes. That was bad enough. However here is the worst in my humble opinion. I should have quit sooner.

After my initial session and a touch up session, my lips were not anywhere close to my expected outcome. My artist told me it was because my lips were naturally very pink already and the ink was not able to overpower the color.

WHAT? Then why did we choose this color? So she called the company and chatted with the Ink masters…and said we needed to go with the more concentrated colors in another category for my desired outcome!! What ?! Isn’t she supposed to know this? But, kind and gullible me, wanted to believe she was not totally incompetent. So we ordered the new color and did my next session. Guess what? After this session the concentrated color was spot on and perfect for what I was trying to achieve!

However, my lips were not outlined properly. Yikes! She actually made my lips look smaller!!! So finally I quit this person and proceeded to exfoliate my lips aggressively to downplay the bad job.

My lips are back to normal now and I have learned a very expensive and valuable lesson. I totally believe with the right permanent makeup artist you will achieve amazing and life simplifying results!! So don’t give up because of my first attempt fail. Just learn from it.

I do very much hope this helps in your search for a permanent makeup artist. Good luck with Getting Inked!

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